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Leading in energy solutions with a commitment to integrity, innovation, and focused approach from our Chairman & Managing Director, Jassim Isa Alshirawi.

About JAIS

JAIS Energy Services stands as a distinguished business advisory firm, dedicated to delivering expert consultancy and technical support services to a diverse range of industries, with a primary focus on the Energy, Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Oil & Gas sectors. With a commitment to excellence, we offer tailored solutions, leveraging decades of industry-specific experience to drive growth, and sustainable success for our clients.


Jais Energy Services aspires to providing exceptional, focused and practical advice to the highest level of service, to achieve optimal healthy results and sustainable growth that drives success to our clients.


To be a renowned energy services company and preferred partner for delivering excellent services to the Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.


Committed to acting with sincerity, reliability, and fairness, JAIS is dedicated to providing exceptional, focused, and practical advice. Our aim is to achieve optimal results and sustainable growth.

Extensive Network
in the Energy Sector

Provides access to a wide network of local, regional and international connections within energy, oil & gas sectors, spanning across governmental entities, industry organizations, national oil companies (NOCs), and international oil companies (IOCs). This facilitates knowledge-sharing and offers opportunities for strategic partnerships.

In-depth Understanding of Bahrain’s Oil & Gas Landscape

Well-versed in the intricacies of the oil & gas scene in Bahrain, with wide-ranging experience in both company management and in regulatory roles. This includes knowledge in overseeing and supervision of oil & gas plants, petroleum logistics, distribution and retailing, as well as complementary commercial outlets.

Expertise in Strategic Advisory and Business Development

Provide practical advisory services tailored to various needs, including policy formulation, pricing structure preparation, and the development and execution of strategic business plans, ensuring optimal and sustainable growth for your organization.

Jassim Al Shirawi

Chairman & Managing Director, JAIS

MSc. in Engineering Projects Management
BSc. in Mechanical Engineering

General Manager Oil & Gas Affairs

The National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) / Ministry of Oil (MoO)
2008 to 2021

Chairman, Board of Directors

Bapco Retail Company
2019 to 2022

Vice Chairman

Bahrain National Gas Expansion Company
2016 to 2022

Board Member

Bahrain Aviation Fueling Company (BAFCO)
2007 to 2015

NOGA/MoO Coordinator

2017 to 2021

NOGA/MoO Coordinator & Secretary of National Committee

World Petroleum Council (WPC)
2010 to 2021

Member of the Executive Board (EB) & the International Support Group (ISG)

International Energy Forum (IEF)
2014 to 2021

NOGA / MoO Representative

International Gas Union (IGU)
2014 to 2021

Chairman of Advisory Board

Bahrain Bayan School
2023 to Present

Board of Directors

Bahrain Bayan School
2014 to Present

Mechatronics Engineering’s Program Industry Advisory Panel Member

University of Technology Bahrain (UTB) (formerly AMA University)
2012 to Present


Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA)
2024 to Present


Bahrain Chamber’s Industry & Energy Committee
2023 to Present


Institute of Directors
2024 to Present

Career involved in exploration and production of oil & gas, petroleum products handling & retailing, petroleum fuels pricing, natural gas importation, allocation & pricing policies, energy conservation, renewable energy, etc.

Previously worked as Advisor to the Minister of Oil & Gas, before worked in Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) for over 25 years in various engineering and managerial positions related to petroleum products storage, loading, distribution, operation & marketing.

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